Nantucket Shuffle

What happens when full-time residents of one of the world’s most popular tourist destination struggle to keep a roof over their heads?

Nantucket — the 'Grey Lady' — is a charming place.  This meticulously preserved National Historic Landmark District is surrounded by miles of unspoiled beaches with 64% of the island forever conserved as public open space. 

Yet the island now finds itself unable to provide for the very people who keep her economy alive and her community vibrant.  They are the heart and soul of Nantucket.

The lack of dignified, affordable housing for those lucky enough to live on this beloved island has degraded the quality of life to levels that threaten economic stability, citizen safety — and runs counter to the spirit of Nantucket.

“It's time to realize the asset that our friends and neighbors bring to our community and into our lives.  And it is time to say, yes, it's important for us as a community to provide dignified housing at an affordable level,” says loan officer Beth Ann Meehan of the Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank.

NANTUCKET SHUFFLE explores the ongoing housing crisis that threatens to divide the island — and the obstacles that keep Nantucket from solving a problem that deeply affects its communal lifestyle.

The story is told through interviews with island residents, both year-round and seasonal, with the aim of bringing light to the issue, and in hope of prompting a unifying dialogue that will hopefully lead to positive solutions.

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