Deadly Deception at Sobibor

In an investigation lasting 10 years, archeologists uncover proof of a Nazi cover-up of mass murder at a top-secret death camp called Sobibor.


Valley of Thundering Water (in Production)

For centuries, wild horse have been essential to Native American life.  Now, their survival depends on grass roots efforts to save them from slaughter.


Won't Be Silent

A haunting melody written as a song of resistance to the Nazis is becoming a modern-day song of hope for social justice.


NOVA: Secrets Beneath The Ice

Teams of geologists detect evidence in rocks and ice through drilling and prospecting expeditions to decode how Antarctica’s climate history impacts global climate change and sea level.


Paleo Sleuths (NET Television/PBS)

Zebras. Horses. Camels.  Few suspect their origins sprang far from the lands they occupy today.  But much of what the world knows about the evolution of mammals is found beneath the Great Plains.


NOVA: Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

A cave in the Judean Desert holds clues to a tragic revolt against the Roman Empire – and artifacts link it to a mysterious Dead Sea Scroll...and the Great Temple of Jerusalem.


Nantucket Shuffle

What happens when full-time residents of one of the world’s most popular tourist destination struggle to keep a roof over their heads?