Paleo Sleuths (PBS/NET Television)

Zebras. Horses. Camels.  Few suspect their origins sprang far from the lands they occupy today.  Join an epic fossil safari – from 34 million years ago to the Ice Age!

Much of what the world knows about the Age of Mammals is found beneath America’s vast Great Plains.  Enter a prehistoric world when mammals ruled supreme – and journey through time in a tale of the unfamiliar and unexpected. 

In Nebraska, layers of sand, gravel, silt and volcanic ash preserve an epic 40-million-year prehistoric record.  PALEO SLEUTHS takes viewers on a historic trip through time.  Through a series of scientific expeditions, paleontologists unearth fossils showing how America’s wildlife evolved as climate transformed the landscape from hot, wet forests to Ice Age grasslands.  Join a fossil safari of a prehistoric world – when mammals ruled supreme.

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